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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm katie marzullo. it's 5:00 a.m. this saturday. let's start with a first look at the weather with lisa. >> this is a look at emeryville. we have some fog around oakland and san francisco. a cool start, but look at the numbers in santa rosa. 44 degrees. 46 in napa. 49 in livermore. 45 in los gatos. a chilly start out there this morning, but with just limited fog, we will have plenty of sunshine. unfortunately if you're hoping for a warm up, no. we are going in the other direction. today, once again, it will be cool. keeping temperatures in the 50s. breezy with sunshine at our coast, mid 60s to low 70s around
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the bay. plenty of sunshine here. inland numbers managed to make it to the upper 70s. the bigger changes are on the way for the rest of the weekend including the holiday, memorial day, we'll talk about that, perhaps a few rain drops. katie? >> thank you. san jose police arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with a machete murder earlier this month. police say christopher lima killed 36-year-old demetrius porter on may 16th. investigators say they identified lima as a suspect early on but still don't know why he attacked the victim with the machete. they say there is no known connection between the two men. the investigation into san jose's 16th homicide this year continues. vallejo police are getting outside help to deal with violent crime during operation goodwill. the solano county sheriff's office, chp and probation department are offering up extra
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offers. as many as 15 might be added to vallejo's 85 regular patrol officers to saturate areas that have seen frequent shootings, violence and gang activity a sheriff's spokesman tells the vallejo times herald that counties are learning to pool resources in these times of tighter budget constraints. the operation runs through mid-june. pg&e is calling the record fine recommended for 2the 2010 san bruno explosion excessive. pg&e has been recommended to pay $2.5 billion. eight people died, dozens were hurt and 38 homes destroyed when a nat rag gas pipeline exploded. the utility agrees that a financial penalty is fair, but upgrades to the pipeline should be deducted from the penalty. this holiday weekend bay area agencies are teaming up to put dui checkpoints where you
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might not expect to find them. piedmont police set up this checkpoint last night on grand avenue to help get the word out. drivers who have had too much to drink won't be able to avoid police by "sticking to the back roads this weekend." police say that's a common misconception. >> it's easier to traverse, go through side streets, stay off the freeway, you avoid highway patrol, you stay out of the main parts of oakland, you avoid the presence of officers in a larger community. >> over the past three years 4,300 drivers have been snared in the avoid 21 checkpoints. a dui conviction typically costs about $10,000 in fines and fees, not to mention you lose your driver's license for a year. santa cruz police believe they foiled a high stakes heist by arresting the man, did they say was the mastermind that man is in jail charged with conspiracy so commit grand theft.
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nicholas yukich was a man on a mission, that mission to pull off an elaborate grand theft. >> think of it as an oceans 11 kind of heist. a lot of surveillance, a lot of reconnaissance that had gone into this, a lot of planning to carry this out. >> an informant tipped off police, they investigated and decided to take action. they arrested yukich and went to his mobile home. >> we found a number of guns inside a fall wall in a home, that led to another false wall which led to more ammunition and firearms. >> reporter: look at what they found, rifles, shotguns, pistols, assault reps. 48 in all. some licensed, not some. some had been modified. some violated state laws. the ammo, 58,000 rounds.
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so police weren't surprised to learn what yukich did for a living. for close to 30 years he's been a community safety officer supervisor at uc santa cruz working night shifts on campus. the university said yukich was placed on leave when they learned of his arrest. he will remain on leave. police say yukich had no criminal past and there was nothing to suggest he would have targeted the university or any of the students. ama daetz, abc 7 news. a former varsity football coach at richmond's kennedy high school has been arrested on two dozen counts of child abuse. 51-year-old barron edwards is charged with committing sodomy and lewd abilities. he is being held on more than $21 million bail. there have been dozens of aftershocks in the area near the town of greenville where a 5.7 magnitude quake hit last night. people in greenville which is
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about 150 miles neefortheast of sacramento reported very little damage. items fell from store shelves and several residents lost pieces of china and other breakables it was felt over a wide area. >> woke up screaming, hugging each other in the middle of the room. he nearly got hit with a mirror. our cat is still traumatized. >> one aftershot had a magnitude of 4.9. scary surveillance video as thieves set their sights on high-end jeans. it's happening all over the world and right here in the bay are area. >> for some designer jeans fans, true religion is a favorite. >> i own them.
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they're comfortable $100, $200. they're pretty good. >> reporter: this true religion store is the most recent store to be targeted in the bay area. they were robbed thursday afternoon. >> there were ten individuals that entered true religion, basically overwhelmed the clerks, then they stole a bunch of jeans. approximately $5,000 worth of product. >> reporter: according to livermore police, five true religion outlets in the bay area have been recently robbed, livermore, milpitas, gilroy, walnut creek and newark. at each of the stores the police say the suspect descriptions are similar, six young men and four young women. and they all had the same escape plan. >> ran out the store door, they waited for two vehicles that were in the parking lot that were their getaway cars. >> reporter: but bandits in the bay area are not the only ones scooping up true religion merchandise. this is surveillance from a
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store in cheico earlier this month. a few years ago in england, these brazen thieves packed up piles of true religion jeans and threatened the store clerk before walking out. true religion did not want to comment on our story. bay area police tell us they have several leads, but did not release surveillance video of the local heist. in walnut creek, sergio kintana. a woman accused of trying to poison customers at a san jose starbucks says she is delighted she will not be charged. that's according to the woman's attorney. the woman was arrested in april after witnesses say she swapped juice bottles from her bag with those in a display case. lab tests showed two bottles of orange juice contained vinegar which can occur naturally in spoiled juice. police initially believed the bottles contained rubbing alcohol which can be lethal. oakland now has the distinction of being the nation's most exciting city. that's according to the real
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estate firm movoto. the company says oakland beat out 50 other hip cities to win the award. san francisco and san jose did not. the bay area news group says qualifications for most exciting city included things like a large, diverse population of young adults with a low count of big box retailers. the number of bars, parks, museums and movie theaters per square mile are also factored in. last month the toronto star cited the waterfront as its biggest asset. it is pretty when the sun is shining. lake meredith sparkling. >> we'll have one of those days today, not as warm as you'd like. temperatures definitely have been trending downward. cooler than average. here's a live look outside from the roof camera. nice and clear. a little stratus, san francisco, oakland and the numbers, once again, more 60s and 70s around the bay. in fact, we'll look at increasing clouds, maybe a few rain drops. we'll have that forecast for you straight ahead.
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>> lisa, thank you. a multicultural celebration comes to the bay area this weekend. we'll let you know how and where you can participate. and a warning for people who take limousines to oakland airport. the
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california's largest multicultural celebration takes place this weekend in san francisco's mission district. some 400,000 people are expected to attend the 35th annual carnaval san francisco festival. it spans eight city blocks between 16th and 24th streets it runs from 10:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 9:30, the carnaval parade runs from 24th and bryant streets up mission street to 17th and harrison. both events are free, but donations are accepted at the san francisco or online. keep in mind it does take 500 volunteers to breng together all of the food, music, dance and fun activities. police say a young man who was hit and killed by a garbage truck in san francisco thursday had just moved to the city. dillon mitchell was 21 years old. this is a picture of when he was
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a wrestler at clayton valley high school. he's the one in white. his aunt says dillon had moved to san francisco two weeks ago for an electrician's apprenticeship. the accident happened at 16th street and south van nuys avenue. dillon was not wearing a helmet. new video emerged of thursday's collapse of a busy bridge in washington state. look closely at this time lapse security camera footage. you see the bridge intact, and then suddenly it just collapses into the river. washington's governor says a nationwide search is underway to find a replacement span that can be installed within a matter of weeks three. people survived the fall into the river. 20-year-old bryce kenning is within of the three. >> all of a sudden it was like something out of a movie. there's just a huge explosion in front of me. the ground on the bridge is falling into the water. >> investigators say a truck carrying an oversized load hit the bridge as it crossed over. they believe that was the cause
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of the collapse. the i-5 bridge was built in 1955 with a steel truss design, considered obsolete by today's standards. the collapse is raising the question of integrity of bridges around the nation and the bay area. dumbarton bridges are considered functionally obsolete because of their construction, and the carquinez bridge is considered structurally deficient because of problems with potholes or corrosion. a device used to stimulate part of the brain is being credited with helping kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or adhd. the results of a year-long study were presented in san francisco at the american psychiatric association's convention. lyanne melendez with more on what could make a difference with families. >> reporter: kids with adhd find it hard to focus. that's because the neurons in
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certain parts of their brain fire up more slowly than in other kids. medication has been known to help, but some worry about its side effects. this device, called monarch, developed by neurocigna was used on 20 kids with adhd. >> they wore this device every night during sleep for eight weeks. it is applied on the forehead. the wires are draped over the ears. >> reporter: the wires are connected to a transmitter which sends gentle electrical impulses and stimulates the nerve of the brain. this diagram shows how that stimulation increases blood flow to needed areas and decreases blood flow to areas where there is too much activity. >> it's as if there's a newly discovered super highway that allows them to send signals in which then can change the activity in these different destinations. >> >> reporter: ian cook says
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the device is already used in europe and canada to treat depression and epilepsy. the lead researcher from ucla says within a week parents noticed an improvement in their childrens attention, overactivity and impulse control, all without medication. their sleep pattern also improved dramatically. >> based on the parent report, about 80% of kids were deemed improved by the end of the study. >> reporter: a month after the treatment ended, parents said the symptoms came back. the next step would be for a larger study to be done. if eventually approved by the fda, the device could be on the market in a few years. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the santa clara board of supervisors may require new homes to be wired for electric car chargers. northern california ranks first in ownership but fourth in the number of charging stations. the board is drafting an
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ordinance to require all new homes built in unincorporated santa clara county to be wired to accept a charger of 240 volts. >> there's a big demand as gas prices continue to increase and people are more concerned about the environment. we know that more bay area people will buy electric vehicles. i think everyone will appreciate when they drive into the new home that they can put in a charger. >> the ordinance could be presented to the board in september. a warning for anyone who uses a limo service to get to and from oakland airport. abc 7 news has found 13% of limousine services listed on the airport's website do not have valid operating permits. these are limos operating illegally without state approval but with the perceived approval of the airport. the airport says it is in the process of reviewing and verifying the permitting for all ground transportation. well, it is 5:18 on this
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saturday morning. as the skies start to lighten there, you say it's cold out? >> it is pretty cold out. we had the cool mornings, the cool afternoons, breezy winds that will not change. further into temperatures a little bit below normal. we are going the other direction for the holiday weekend. you may have heard about it because rain has been mentioned. we're sticking with that. here's a live look at -- live doppler 7 hd, you will notice not picking up any returns, sun coming up, 5:53 and setting at 8:21. you probably noticed the full moon, nice and pretty. hopefully that will guide you except in san francisco and oakland, we have stratus that has allowed for a bit in the way of cloud cover. here's a look from our camera t is chilly. san francisco, 49. good morning, mountain view, 51 for you. 48 in san jose with 44 in santa cruz. 50 half moon bay. the look from our roof camera, it is mostly clear, 45 santa
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rosa. 50 in fairfield, 51 in union city. so, we do have some changes that perhaps you won't be expecting for the long weekend. sunny and breezy today, patchy drizzle arriving tomorrow morning. that will give way to more sunshine for your sunday afternoon. for the holiday, cloudy, cooler, and a chance of showers. so, if you're making plans for the week ahead, here's what san jose will look like. cool for the next several days. tomorrow topping off in the 70s, then dropping into the 60s throughout the middle of the week. cool conditions, not recovering until the end of the work week. the reason being, well, we had one area of low pressure that was situated to the north of us, just sitting there day after day. and this next system promising another reinforcing shot of cool air, the clouds, and, shgs ysh, green representing light rain. by monday we could see showers in the north bay in the morning
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hours. the rest of the bay area, the afternoon. but the best chance will come in into the north bay. so not everyone will see it. if you do see the rain, it will remain on the light side. so, breezy conditions today around the bay with upper 60s to low 70s for you folks in the south bay, from 70 in santa clara and santa cruz, a cool afternoon. 68 in menlo park. mid 60s san mateo, mid and upper 50s. san francisco, coming in at 62 today. up in the north bay, it will be sunny but you have to go pretty far north to enjoy those low 70s from santa rosa to petaluma. 72 for calistoga. 70 in vallejo. east bay, mid 60s in hayward, 67 in san leandro. heading further east, a 70 in castro valley. the numbers here will warm into the low to mid 70s. pretty mild and pleasant from
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pleasanton to livlivermore with there. sunshine today and tomorrow, a few degrees of cooling tomorrow with morning drizzle. chance of showers memorial day. barely recovering by the mid toll the late part of the work week. so we'll have to break out the sweaters and sweatshirts for the next several days. another great resource for you to follow is abc 7, live doppler hd and twitter for the latest bay area conditions. we will have tweets to from your favorite weather team. that happens memorial day. it hasn't rained in, like, ten years, but it's not always a warm one. >> we'll make the best of it. >> and live doppler 7 hd will come in handy. president obama issues his weekly address, and he has a job for am
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. new this morning, president obama says the nation must do more than remember fallen war heroes on memorial day. in his weekly address the president says the country must care for the loved ones left behind and also make sure all veterans receive the care and benefits they earned and that the armed forces must have the support they need to carry out their missions. >> so, this weekend, as we commemorate memorial day, i ask you to hold all our fallen heros in your hearts and every day let's work together to preserve what their sacrifices achieved, to make our country even
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stronger, even more fair, even more free. >> for the republicans, oklahoma senatorthanked the nation for their prayers following the oklahoma tornado. five climbers are missing and feared dead on the world's third highest mountain. bad weather is hampering the search and preventing a rescue helicopter from reaching the base camp in nepal it is believered the climbers were descending when they slipped. it's a magical start to the memorial day weekend. disney parks is kicking off the summer with a 24-hour party it was an all-nighter inside the magic kingdom last night. hundreds of people who spent the night outside rushed into the park when it opened at 6:00 a.m. all three disney resorts plan to
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stay open for 24 hours. it's the first all-night opening for all three parks. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. the budget battle in washington is causing widespread slashing of programs. when we return, we'll tell you how one bay area research center is actually finding an upside to the funding shortage. plus hundreds of thousands of soldiers will be honored here at what's known as the arlington of the west. coming up, i'll tell you how you can be a part of the ceremony honoring our
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welcome back. it's 5:30. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. >> we have a full moon this morning, mostly clear conditions. this is san francisco, you can see a little stratus out there. that's across the bay as well in oakla oakland. 49 in san francisco, 52 in oakland. 50 half moon bay, 44 in santa cruz. fog in some spots, it will clear. we're looking for a cool day around the bay notice just 60s and 70s today. so the 80s, you have to go well out into the valley. the breeze will be with us. it will strengthen throughout
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the afternoon. but we will look for more clouds tomorrow leading to drizzle and perhaps some rain by the holiday on monday. i'll let you know about that in detail a bit later. katie? >> lisa, thank you. in honor of memorial day bay area scouts are paying tribute to fallen soldiers at a national cemetery. this is a big annual tradition, kira. >> reporter: it is. 2,500 troops, scouts rather, will come here to place flags at the soldiers gravestones. as you said they do it every year. we have video from years past. scouts have been doing this in san bruno specifically for more than 50 years. golden gate national cemetery is off called the arlington of the west. it's one of the biggest in the u.s. 161 acres. in just less than two hours, scouts will place 112,000 flags here. they'll pay tribute, of course
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to service men and women who died while serving the u.s. that will happen between 9:00 and 10:30 this morning. before that, they will have a special ceremonyncding music and speakers that begins at 8:30 this morning. >> thank you. more than one-third of all doctors offices still keep your medical records on paper. in fact, doctors have been so slow to adapt to commuters, the federal government is offering them money to make the change. some of the top minds in tech are now trying to figure out how to make that transition easier. jonathan bloom explains. >> reporter: it started out like any tech conference a high profile chief executive, a journalist interviewing him, a room packed full of bloggers. doctors are not early adopters.
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>> if you veyou visit a doctor physician, it feels like an old process. a lot of papers to fill out. >> reporter: a lot of that boils down to privacy rules and red tap tape. sensitive medical records can now be stored in the cloud. >> instead of your doctor having leave the room and pull up information and ckoconsult othe people, they have instantstant s to information. >> reporter: even though medicine and computers have been around for long time, trying to bring the two together has been a challenge. it has been stuck in the dark ages. >> reporter: but matt marshal sauce this was the time to sponsor the first "healthbeat" conference, because doctors are being offered incentives.
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if they are about to prescribe a drug that might interact with another drug, we alert them in realtime. >> reporter: and there is new hardware that gets your vital signs by touching your forehead, wherever you are. >> what happens when you drink alcohol, drink coffee or work out? what is changing your blood pressure. >> reporter: because of all the information out there, that's important. >> in the end, your health is everything. ongoing budget battles in washington are having an impall ames research center, projects are being cut, but it has led to innovation. david louie gives us an inside look. >> reporter: the labs at ames are not the most modern, the buildings need rehab but tight budgets have put that on hold. charles boldin is on a west coast facilities tour and the sequester is on his mind. fchlgt we stay under sequester, if the president and congress cannot come together and do
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what's necessary for the nation and solve the sequester problem, all bets are off. >> reporter: however nasa ames is moving ahead trying to do more with less, one area is advanced manufacturing. south bay congressman mike ho a honda, on the house appropriations committee learned how three small satellites were launched. in time those can save millions of dollars. >> piece people can think it through, why not put it up there and utilize what we understand. >> reporter: nasa aims is also making parts for space missions out of tiny droplets of plastic. they will put the first 3-d printer in space, you can understand astronauts needing something to fix a broken application, they can printd it right then and there. >> reporter: these initiatives are why boldin thinks nasa ames and the team of 2,300 won't be
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on the chopping block. >> ames has unique capability. i don't envision a threat to the existence of the ames research center. >> reporter: still the $17.7 billion budget requested for next year is not a given. >> all government-funded agencies are having a tough time with tight budgets with this tour today it's hopeful that an elected official and the administrator of nasa will be convinced that what they do here is extremely important. david louie, abc 7 news. 5:36 on this saturday morning. coming up next, a man from texas is planning to follow through on a controversial promise, his plan is upsetting officials in the 3-d printing business. we'll explain that. and let's take a look outside at the golden gate bridge on this saturday morning. the start of a long memorial day weekend for everyone. if you are traveling, be careful out there. probably expect extra traffic. if you're leaving now, wide open for you on the golden gate.
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temperatures near 50 and clouds this morning. it will get into the low 60s later today in san francisco and
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. welcome back. so glad you're with us on this
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saturday morning. coming up on 5:40 a.m. you are looking live from our hd roof cam out past the embarcadero, the bay bridge this morning. beyond the bridge, if you see clouds, patchy stratus in oakland and san francisco. it's a cool start. you're looking at temperatures in the low -- upper 40s into the low 50s. lisa argen will let you know how and if that will change later on today. a self-described libertarian is following through on a controversial promise. he claims to have used a 3-d printer to make a gun and it actually works, he says. as eric thomas explains, printing businesses are not only unhappy about it, they don't believe the hype. >> reporter: this 25-year-old university of texas law student stirred up a hornet's nest recently when he showed off his creation, a working plastic gun made on a 3-d printer.
5:41 am
cody wilson put the plans on the internet just as quickly the state department ordered them taken down, citing a ban on unauthorized firearms trafficking abroad. wilson's supporters call this a break through but not everyone is impressed. >> print one of these 3-d printed guns, that's normally $1,000 or more. it's not going to last long. >> reporter: pierre works at modeler, a san francisco 3-d printing business. here they believe wilson's break through is mainly psychological and political. yes, he's printed a weapon, but it's inferior to traditional guns in almost every way. this is a piece we downloaded online, it's a clip. illegal in california. >> reporter: the folks at modeler printed this magazine for an a.r.-type rifle from plans downloaded from wilson's website. >> i will show you how brittle it is. if you squeeze it, it will just break apart.
5:42 am
>> reporter: we don't know yet what the real world durability of this weapon s as the psychological and political shot across the bow of gun control advocates, it could have a lasting impact. >> reporter: producing an object like this starts with a 3-d model. then the printer reproduce the model laying down material n this case plastic. primarily it's used to make a prototype or approve a concept, not to be durable. the concern is that people who shouldn't have guns, felons and terrorists, will be able to print guns secretly in their homes. in reality, at this point, it would be easier to steal them. that's but machines that can turn them out reliably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. and the starter models you buy over the internet are not ready yet. >> you're talking about, you know, a fiat compared to a ferrari. just radically different things. >> reporter: this san francisco software engineer has one of those fiats.
5:43 am
he spent $700 online to acquire this 3-d printer, spent hours putting it together. hardware and software limitations make printing a gun with this gear unlikely. still, advances in technology will eventually make it possible. >> i think it's necessary. we need people to challenge these positions, the earlier we do that, the better the industry will progress. >> the technology itself is neither good nor evil. it all depends on what you want to use it for. >> reporter: the debate is liable to get more intense as 3-d printing evolves. advanced printers can use metal, composite or biological material. if and when somebody decides to use those to make a weapon, government regulation may not be far behind. eric thomas, abc 7 news. 5:43 now. lisa argen keeping track of your forecast. sounds like a weird one out there. >> it is a weird one. i totally agree. we are looking at a pretty nice shot this morning from
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emeryville. this is the full moon. it was full very early this morning. made for a beautiful start to the morning. also a great evening last night. looking at still the numbers on the chilly side, but we do have plenty of sunshine in the forecast for the short-term. i'll explain when we return. it's good to be young n this case chris young, back in his hometown with the game on the line in the ninth
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welcome back. coming up on 5:47. you're looking live from our cam, a hazy day out there. you can't even see oakland beyond the bay bridge. low clouds this morning in both oakland and san francisco. it's a cool one. lisa argen will have your full forecast coming up. first, let's do some sports. chris young didn't miss a beat last night. helping the oakland a's power into victory against the astros. tim lincecum runs into trouble when the giants take on the rockies. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. you can go home again, and chris young did it in heroic fashion. the a's outfielder grew up in houston with family and friends in the park last night, he won it for oakland in the ninth. the joy of cotton candy. my cotton candy. a 2-0 lead until the fifth. matt dominguez drills it off tommy milone.
5:48 am
no doubt about it. solo shot 2. martinez with a three-run bomb, his fifth of the year. milone goes seven innings, allows five runs. astros with a 5-2 lead. top of the ninth, 5-3, two on for chris young. hero or zero? hero! three-run homer. a's come back to win 6-5. the giants and rockies, the ufo to mccovey cove returns. michael cuddyer fresh off the disabled list doubles in a pair. in the sixth, here it comes. there it goes. cuddyer again. timmy goes seven innings, allowed four runs on seven hits, struck out eight but in a losing cause. tyler chatwood went six scoreless. a little help from the rockies third baseman to get blanco. where is the energy? that's what sharks head coach
5:49 am
tom mcclellan was wondering in game five against the kings. now the sharks are facing must-win game six. the home team won every game in the series. sharks at home on sunday, so that's the good news. they've got to solve goalie gone than quick who has posted two shutouts in five games. the sharks know they better bring it on sunday in the tank. >> it's my opinion of our nine playoff games, that's the weakest effort we had. things didn't work out. we didn't have our legs. didn't execute. some of that had to do with l.a. a lot had to do with san jose. if we bring our energy level back to where it needs to be, maybe we don't have to rely so much. >> game two in miami, lebron james, 36 points, key turnovers late. lance stevenson, acrobatic. that's pretty. this is prettier. paul george, with authority! 22 for george.
5:50 am
the pacers even up the eastern conference finals 97-93. the indy 500 on sunday, great finish. yesterday in the fire ststone freedom 100, four wide across the track. the winner is peter democracy on the far outside to win by 0.0002 of a second. we'll have highlights at 5:00 p.m., 6:00, 9:00 and 11:00. have a great holiday weekend, i'm larry beil. the holiday weekend, but the weather may not be playing along. >> no we have the strengthening onshore breeze, breezy this morning, a bit of stratus out there. changes for the long weekend. live doppler 7 hd right now, twr where it is quiet, but we could be tracking shower the as soon as sunday. san jose state, commencement this afternoon as well as others
5:51 am
around the bay. morgan hill mushroom festival and carnaval this weekend as well. with the sun coming up at 5:53, setting at 8:21, a chance for a full moon out there. cloudy conditions here. a little bit of stratus. temperatures comfortable, upper 40s to low 50s. 48 in san jose 50 in half moon bay. another vantage point, looking at sutro, 45 in los gatos, 50 in fairfield. more sunshine today. we'll need it to warm up. it will be breezy. more drizzle for tomorrow. we'll cloud up overnight tonight. we have not seen the clouds in quite awhile. then we'll be looking at a chance of showers for memorial day. not everyone will see them. they will be light. here's a look at temperature trend for the week ahead in san jose with just highs in the upper 60s. for the rest of the day today.
5:52 am
a further dip midweek, finally it looks like we'll recover, but not until the end of the upcoming work week. here's a look at what's going on. high pressure in the pacific keeping us high and dry. this cold front wants to visit us. and it will make its way here by the early part of the work week, the holiday, memorial day. that will allow for cloudy conditions, even cooler high temperatures. we're looking at numbers today across the state, the warmest they'll be in the next several is the interior sections, the valley takes a hit as well. 80 in yosemite, 81 in sacrament to low 70s in san francisco. and taking you back home, numbers around the bay, low 60s in san francisco, 68 in palo alto. mid 70s for the warmest locations. our east bay, average highs this time of year, san jose should be 77. high today just 71. cooler tomorrow, upper 60s for san rafael, numbers will be
5:53 am
cooler than average. it's been that way since last tuesday. the trend continues. we'll increase the cloud cover throughout the day tomorrow that will drop the temperatures another few degrees. if you're headed to at&t park today for the game, it will be sunny, but you'll need the jacket. breezy as well with those winds gusting to over 25 miles per hour at times with numbers starting out in the upper 50s and slipping throughout the afternoon. here's the look ahead, the patchy drizzle, increased cloud cover tomorrow. partly cloudy in the afternoon, chance of showers memorial day. that should be the coolest day of the week with partly cloudys on tuesday. still breezy wednesday, highs in the 60s and 70s, maybe 80s so when we hit friday. this is the price. we go up and down. the holiday, unfortunately, a little cool. >> next weekend sound s nice. what would you do if the man who just
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welcome back. 5:56 on your saturday morning. a live look from our camera. a gorgeous start to the morning. the sun starting to illuminate the clouds there. those clouds are hanging tight. but the water looks calm, and it will be a cool memorial day weekend. if you have a three-day weekend, i'm sure you will enjoy it no matter what the weather is. let's look now at the
5:57 am
winning numbers from last night's $15 million mega millions draw. 4, 5, 16, 18, 53, the mega number is 28. nobody correctly picked all six. tuesday's jackpot estimated at $23 million. all right. check this one out. a woman who had her cell phone snatched at a bus stop ended up come together rescue of the thief. it happened in colombia, and it was caught on video cameras. the man snatches the phone and then botches his getaway when he gets hit by a bus. his victim helps pull him from underneath the platform. she also took her phone back. the thief will be okay, actually. he was treated for minor injuries and then arrested for the crime. it was a rare sight in the sky last night. it's called a super moon. take a look. it's a full moon at its closest point to earth for the month. about 17,000 miles closer than average. also, mercury, venus and jupiter
5:58 am
will all align over the next few nights. that tight grouping of the planets won't be seen again until 2026. next at 6:00, thousands of bay area scouts are paying tribute to fallen soldiers this morning. kira klapper has a live report from golden gate national cemetery. a quest to crack down on crime in 8txtes0p
5:59 am
6:00 am
good saturday morning, everyone. it's 6:00 a.m. thanks for joining us. i'm katie marzullo. we start you off with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> this is emeryville, once again chilly temperatures. 45 near los gatos. mid


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